Comrade of the Night for 3/17-3/19

Tuesday night saw league-leading point man Evgeni Malkin bring his point total to 102 with two goals and three assists against the Atlanta Thrashers. The Pittsburgh player was denied the hat-trick when he was stopped on a penalty shot by ex-Penguin Johan Hedberg with under three minutes to go. This marks the second straight year that Malkin has reached 100 points as he is 10 points clear of teammate Sidney Crosby. Below is the nicer of his tow goals courtesy of the NHL.,2,1043&event=PIT406

On Wednesday night Carolina Hurricanes defense men Anton Babchuk notched two goals in a 4-1 romp of the red hot New Jersey Devils. Babchuk beat Kevin Weekes twice on the power play for his 10th and 11th goals of the season. His second goal, a rocket from a bit past the blue line, Weekes wouldn’t have stopped if he was in the net with Martin Brodeur. Unfortunately the video feed for the goal is unavailable.

Thursday night saw Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals make history as he notched his third consecutive 50th goal season becoming the first player to do so in franchise history. The league-leading goal was followed by a bit of controversy after Ovechkin dropped his stick and pretended it was a fire on which he proceeded to warm his hands.

This slightly over-the-top celebration sent Don Cherry and every other critic the message of ‘I’m too hot, deal with it”. You might recall Cherry addressing the “Hockey Night in Canada” audience about his disproval on how the Russian superstar acts and plays on the ice. But since no one really cares what a person who hasn’t coached in the NHL in over 20 years has to say especially when his wardrobe puts Craig Sager to shame. Below is the Ovechkin goal/celebration courtesy of youtube.

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