Russia set to face USA in the semi-finals

rucourtesy of HHOF-IIHF Images)

Whenever the words Russia and USA get placed together in a sentence dozens of images fly through ones head as these two power house countries have had many run-ins whether it be in politics or sports. In 1980 the USA’s upset of the then Soviet Union team has been hearladed as the greatest moments in American history.

I was not yet born in 1980 but the whole miracle on ice, do you believe in miracles? play call, makes me sick every time I see it. The immense pride that is associated with Russian national team is bestowed on every citizen as they live and die for their country.

Tomorrow the two countries meet again for the second time of this years Men’s World Championship in Switzerland. Having defeated the US 4-1 on Saturday, the Russians aim to keep their undefeated streak rolling as they are the lone team without a loss.

With the win they can defend their gold medal from last year in a potential rematch with Canada who entertains Sweden later in the day. Russia’s undefeated run is pretty remarkable considering they are being backstopped by Ilya Bryzgalov who is usually second fiddle to Evgeni Nabokov. The team only boasts 7 NHL’ers compared to an all NHL roster for the US but only one high-profile player in Ilya Kovalchuk who leads the team in scoring.

While this re-match will not be touted by many since very few care about the World’s the match-up between these countries is always exciting to watch. I can’t imagine another miracle tomorrow because this Russian team looks much too focused on retaining their gold.

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