Stanley Cup Final Preview


It seems like everything that happened this year was a waste of time as the same two teams from last year face off once again for the first rematch between the same teams in 25 years. In case you didn’t know this year will feature Detroit and Pittsburgh.

The new and improved Penguins take on the defending cup holders Red Wings who look to become the first team to win back-to-back cups since they themselves did in 1997 and 1998.

The Penguins come into the match-up with the most goals for and against with the Wings with second most. Marian Hossa will be under the microscope as he jumped ship from Pittsburgh to win a cup with Detroit. He will either look like a genius or a fool depending on the outcome.

Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby will be prominent players in the series as they are tied for most points in the playoffs. If the Penguins win the cup the Conn Smyth will go to the highest scorer overall as there is really nothing to set the two young guns apart.

Looking by position everything seems pretty even from the crease to the top lines. It is known that Pavel Datsyuk and Kris Draper will miss game 1(Tonight 8pm NBC) to injuries and their absence could prove dividend if they do not return soon.

I am alright at making predictions and as much as I like Malkin and young players I dont see them beating the Wings anytime soon. Wings in 6.

Russians in the mix-Malkin, Fedetenko, Gonchar, Datsyuk

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