Obama Thanks Russia for Ovechkin

ovechkinpolitics(courtesy of ESPN)

Move over Alexander Pushkin here comes Alexander Ovechkin. With President Obama in Moscow sharing his list of Russian’s that have benefited society he was quick to recognize his adopted hometown’s biggest star.

Speaking in front of Moscow’s New Economic School on Wednesday Obama said “As a resident of Washington, D.C., I continue to benefit from the contributions of Russians — specifically, from Alexander Ovechkin. We’re very pleased to have him in Washington, D.C.”

After spending the last few hours speaking about Russia’s relationship to the US and the world, Obama took a quick break to possibly win over the country’s citizens who have shown signs of resentment towards America’s newest head of state.

By shouting out Ovechkin, who became a spokesmen for the Sochi winter games in 2014 days ago, it could be the president’s way of throwing his hat into the ring for trying to resolve the NHL’s dilemma on whether they will allow their players the right to participate in the tournament.

Below is the video of Obama’s shout out.

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