Alexander Ovechkin’s NHL Store Visit


Earlier today Alexander Ovechkin visited the NHL store in New York City and I had the pleasure being right in the thick of things. Ovechkin arrived in grand fashion as he drove a zamboni for a block which featured the cover of NHL2K10 on which he appears on.

Ovechkin then signed autographs for those lucky enough to snag a pre-order of the game which hits shelves next week. While I was able to obtain the signature and a picture I also had the greatest 15 second conversation with the man who like myself comes from Moscow.

Here is a brief translation of the conversation.
Me: What’s up?
Ovie: Not much, how you? (Ovechkin clearly has no time for formal greetings)
Me: Fine, happy birthday next week(sounds way better in Russian)

What a great encounter with a great player. After the autographs Ovechkin took on a winner from last week in a head-to-head game of NHL 2K10 in which he lost. He played with various other people as well before doing an interview with the NHL on XM radio. Here is the autographed certificate and video of Ovie arriving.


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