Varlamov’s New Mask/Malkin Visits White House(Updated)

(courtesy of The Washington Post)

(courtesy of The Washington Post)

Here the latest shots of Simeon Varlamov’s new mask for the upcoming season. Varly has taken the patriotic route combining Mt.Rushmore with the bald eagle and the Russian Coat of Arms. The chin combines the Capitals logo and both country’s flags. This is definitely one of the finer masks in the NHL. Below is a video of close up.

On Thursday, Evgeni Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins visited the White House and President Barrack Obama days after meeting Russian President and now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Obama congratulated Malkin for becoming the third youngest player to win the Conn Smyth but he was was too busy trying to take a picture of the President on his cellphone.

Malkin also made it a point to say hi to his mother and father via the television cameras in hopes this was broadcasted back home. Below is a video of the event courtesy as always of the NHL and

Obama(courtesy of AP)

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