Anton Volchenkov Makes a Deal with the Devil(s)

vollie(Courtesy of The Hockey News)

The A-Train arrived in Newark today as the New Jersey Devils announced the signing of defenseman Anton Volchenkov giving the Russian bear a six-year contract worth $25.5 million ($4.25 million per season). Known for more of his stay at home style the 6’1 235 pound Moscow native adds a realm of physicality and shot blocking last seen when Scott Stevens led the Devils defensive corp.

We’re not saying he is tapped to be the next Stevens by any means but he does embody the warrior mentality as seen by his willingness to block shots whenever he can. Volchenkov blocked 172 (2.7 per game) shots last year in only 64 games last season and threw in 154(2.4 per game) hits which will make him a solid addition in front of Martin Brodeur.

While the years on this contract might be a little high for someone who is prone to injuries for jumping in front of every puck possible he comes to Jersey with hopes of bolstering a penalty kill that was ranked 13th last year. In 428 career games Volchenkov is a +61 with 16 goals and 78 assists.

here is a taste of what he can bring to the Devils.

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