Malkin and Varlamov Shine at Winter Classic while Ovie Curses

(courtesy of the AP)

Two of Russia’s youngest stars shined brightest under the rainy lights at Heinz Field last night as the Washington Capitals defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 in the Winter Classic. For once it wasn’t about Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin as both stayed off the score sheet but rather about the guys who get lost in the hype when these two teams meet.

Malkin opened the scoring when he played a bank pass from Kris Letang to go near post on Varlamov for his 14th goal of the year. He would become just the second Russian to score in a Winter Classic and notch his 11th point since returning to the Pens line-up. Fans would wave terrible towels to celebrate their home team’s goal as they do touchdowns for the tenants of Heinz Field, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Varly would stop all the shots thrown his way for the rest of the game recording 32 saves to snag the game’s first star. It would be his third straight win in as many starts as he is trying to regain the starting gig that was once his.

Below you will find Malkin’s goal, some Varly saves, post game interviews from both players, a close look at Varly’s Winter Classic mask that we must have missed, as well as a special glimpse of Ovechkin mic’d up and cursing freely in his native language. All videos are courtesy as always of the NHL and NBC Sports.

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