It’s Curtains for Frolov on Broadway

(courtesy of

When it comes to having success in New York City nothing is guaranteed. Whether it be musicals, restaurants, or a career with the New York Rangers it can all be gone in a “New York Minute”. Such is the case for left-winger Alexander Frolov who suffered a season-ending injury against St. Louis amid his one year $3 million contract on Saturday night.

The team confirmed that the 28-year-old Moscow native was diagnosed with a torn ACL earlier this evening, dimming the lights on what was supposed to be a offensive diamond in the rough. In 43 games, Frolov registered just 7 goals and 8 assists with the Blue Shirts as he failed to be the two of the one-two punch alongside Marion Gaborik. Before signing with the Rangers it was rumored he would entertain playing in the KHL before finalizing his one-year deal.

While it’s only speculation, the KHL seems like the next logical step seeing how no team will offer anywhere near what he earned (or didn’t earn if you happen to be a Rangers fan) once he recovers.

Since there aren’t too many here are all of Frolov’s goals with the Rangers in chronological order starting with his first.

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