Malkin and Ovechkin headed to ASG, Dadonov Brings Skills

Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin are headed to Raleigh later this month to feature in the league’s 58th installment of the All-Star Game. What they don’t know is whether they will be teammates or rivals come face-off on January 30th. Thanks to the league’s new format letting the two nominated captains draft their own fantasy team it’s possible Geno and Ovi would be pitted against each other in the event for the first time.

The live draft will be held on the 28th, ahead of the weekend’s event where Sidney Crosby and Jonathon Towes will select round by round who they want on their team. The schoolyard element should be a fun treat for fans as they patiently await to see who will be picked last. Seeing how Crosby is teammates with Malkin that should be a no-brainer unless the league adds a last-minute rule change forbidding teammates to play together.

Malkin was the third-highest vote getter with 376,887 votes while Ovechkin was handpicked by the league earlier today. His off-season or the insanity of Penguins fans,who managed to vote 4 of the 6 starters into the game, leaves him at the mercy of Crosby and Towes. Both will also participate in the skills competition where we last saw this gem giving Ovechkin the win in the free-style portion of the event.

Joining the “big boys” in the skills competition will be Florida Panthers’ Evgeny Dadonov who in 14 games this year has 10 points. Dadonov alongside his fellow rookie class will follow the tradition of the “young stars” showcasing their talent but it is unclear if they too will be drafted or have their own competition as of right now.

The draft will be televised on Versus at 8 p.m on Friday the 28th.

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