Good bye and good riddance…

The last line has been spoken, the final curtain cast, and Broadway is now a much better place seeing that Alexander Frolov won’t be parading around the Big Apple any longer.  What started out as a very solid career took a turn for the worst when Frolov signed a 1 year contract to play for the New York Rangers this season.  Hopes turned from high to dire in a matter of months and Frolov gave New Yorkers what they feared most…a lackluster effort, abysmal performances, and a waste of his 3-million dollar contract (as if Glen Sather couldn’t get blamed anymore for bad contracts…)

Alexander Frolov is yet another on a laundry list of underperforming Russians who is jumping ship to go play in the KHL.  Word is that Frolov and Avangard Omsk have reached an agreement on a 3 year deal but numbers have yet to be crunched.  Frolov joins Jaromir Jagr, a former NHL defect, on an Omsk team that finished atop the standings in the KHL this season before getting bounced in the semi-finals to Metallurg Magnitogorsk.  In 8 seasons in the NHL, Frolov has accumulated 397 points in 579 games.  This season was, by far, Frolov’s worst statistical season to date.  Only managing to put up 7 goals, Frolov finished the season with 16 points in 43 games before tearing his ACL halfway through the season.

It has been a year that Alexander Frolov and New York Rangers fans, alike, would like to forget.  So Frolov is now starting a new chapter in his book and will likely be ripping out all of the pages that represented his days in the NHL.  It’s a shame, really.  Yet another talented Russian who just didn’t have the heart or determination to play in a man’s league.  Forced to play for the amount of extra zeroes in his bank account  instead of for the glory.  Oh well.  The NHL doesn’t need those types of players anyways

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