Hurricanes Make it Rain on Semin

Last night, Alexander Semin became a very rich man after the Carolina Hurricanes gave him a 5-year extension worth $35 million. Compared to most sports contracts this makes Semin a pauper, but since this is a hockey blog it’s big deal.

Already earning $7 million a year, the 29-year-old Krasnoyarsk native is amongst the top 30 highest players in the game. With his one-year deal winding down he has notched eight goals and 22 assists with a plus-18 rating in 30 games. The winger is tied for 11th among all NHL skaters in assists this season, and tied for 10th in plus/minus rating.

Since arriving in Carolina, Semin has been praised for his work ethic and become a favorite in the locker room and in the stands. He will now spend the next 5 years battling his old team, the Capitals, as both teams become absorbed into the Atlantic Division next season.

Fans and pundits will likely joke that Semin got what he came for and can afford to disappear when it matters most. However the change of scenery is w. at I believe has led to his stellar production tossed in with playing with Eric Staal.

Semin will remain the fifth highest paid Russian player in the league for the considerable future and Canes fans should take great solace in that fact

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