Slava Voynov Charged With Domestic Violence Felony

It’s been weeks since the Kings Slava Voynov was arrested following an alleged domestic violence in his California home and today the 24-year old was officially charged with one felony count of ‘corporal injury to spouse with great bodily injury’. Voynov will stand before a judge on December 1 and could face 9 years in prison and possible deportation if convicted. The young defensemen has been skating away from the Kings while his $4.167 million/per year contract has counted towards LA’s salary cap.

Voynov signed a six-year $25 million schedule just last June and should the NHL continue to keep him out of their league, the Kings or Voynov might seek legal action if his contract is rendered void. In the meantime, the Kings are co-operating with the league while the hierarchy twiddles its thumbs waiting to see how the legal proceedings play out in court.

Its clear as day that the NHL does not want to be the next major sport league to mishandle a domestic abuse case. Meanwhile both Voynov’s wife and lawyer have spoken out stating how disappointed they are with the charges and how Slava’s innocence will prevail come 12/1. It would be really disappointing to see such a promising career be ruined over serious allegations and possible actions.

Should Voynov really be deported at least the KHL would open their arms and wallets to accommodate on of their best young blue-liners. Stay tuned as the drama regarding the youngest Russian to win two Stanley Cups nears a close.

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