Slava Voynov to Stand Trial on Domestic Violence Felony

Kings defenseman Slaya Voynov will get his day in court after a judge ruled that the evidence provided in a preliminary hearing was enough to go forward with a trial.

The Chelyabinsk native is accused of punching, choking, and kicking his wife after an argument at a team halloween party. Court documents reveal that she received 8 stitches after he slammed her head into a TV with police photos depicting a substantial amount of blood found in the couples home.

The 24-year old faces potential jail time if convicted along with possible deportation. Should he be deported back to Russia it would only be a matter of time before he a signs a lucrative contract in the KHL and continues his life as a woman beating punk.

What’s truly unsettling about this case is that Voynov’s defense team attempted to present a letter from his wife claiming all the responsibility for being beaten at the hands of her husband. Luckily, the judge did not allow the play of the lost in translation card and rightfully so.

The hearing also hinted that there is evidence of past domestic violence between the couple. How that information plays out in this case remains to be seen but it’s clear that the writing is on the wall.

Voynov’s arraignment is December 29. If there was ever a time to make an example of a high profile athlete this would be it. If the evidence of the police report leaves any impression it should be that Voynov is an animal who has no regard for the well-being of a mother of his step child.

The alleged actions of the youngest Russian to win two Stanley Cups are simply deplorable and he should never be allowed to continue his career in North America.

Kudos to the NHL for suspending the blue-liner as news of the assault broke. Hopefully it will never be lifted.

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