Slava Voynov sentenced to 90 Days in Jail after pleading no contest


(photo courtesy of Brad Graverson/The Daily Breeze via AP)

The Slava Voynov assault case is finally reaching an end as a judge ruled yesterday that the 25-year defenseman will have to spend 90 days in county jail as well as serve three years probation. The ruling comes after the Chelyabinsk native pled no contest to a misdemeanor charge of one count of corporal injury to spouse. 

After his arrest he missed the final 76 games of the regular season while the case was progressing.  This, a season removed after Voynov became the youngest Russian to win two Stanley Cups. The suspension is the longest in NHL history. 

Should deportation services of Los Angeles get involved in the matter, Voynov could face deportation. Voynov’s wife refusal to destifiy against her husband was met with the risk to be held in contempt by the judge who suggested she seeks counseling. She and Voynov appeared in court hand in hand each time. 

A felony domestic violence charge was thrown out due to the plea taken by the Kings former number two defenseman. Voynov is still getting paid his contract by Los Angeles but his salary does not count against the league cap. He is set to surrender on Monday July 6, per his agent.

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