Alexander Semin Lands in Montreal


After being bought out prior to the opening of free agency window, Alexander Semin had remained on the market for 24 days without much reports of where his hockey career would continue. However, moments ago the Montreal Canadiens announced the acquisition of the 31-year-old Krasnoyarsk native agreeing to a one-year deal for $1.1 million. A low risk move for the Habs can pay off greatly as Semin’s numbers prior to last years fluke season earned him a reputation of being one the better snipers in the NHL today.

However along with being a great player he can’t escape the rumors of being a selfish, lazy, and often enigmatic player and here’s hoping this contract will inspire him to play to his full potential this coming season. Semin can afford to finish out his career on one-year deals if he doesn’t stick somewhere since he will be getting $14 million for the next six years. The mercenary roll could suit Semin just fine but at some point one would imagine a player yearns to stick in one city for an extended period of time.

Semin joins fellow countrymen and former national teammates Andrei Markov and Alexei Emelin who have been a mainstay on the blue-line for the Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

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