Slava Voynov’s NHL Career Now ICE’d

la-sp-sn-slava-voynov-pleads-not-guilty-to-dom-001 (Courtesy of Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

The Slava Voynov saga added a new chapter on Wednesday as the 25-year-old LA Kings defensemen was arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Voynov, who had just been released from the Seal Beach Detention Center after pleading guilty and serving time for domestic abuse is currently being held at an unknown ICE detention center.

According to the LA Times, due to the severity of the charges against Voynov, the agency did not set a bond as the Chelyabinsk native awaits a judge. The lack of a bond is common when the subject is considered a flight risk or a danger to the community. As we mentioned following the sentence, Voynov now faces the possibly of being deported back to Russia.

Voynov is the youngest Russian player in NHL history to win two Stanley Cups. He is also the longest suspended player in league history as his record grows daily.

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