Alex Ovechkin Becomes Highest Goal Scoring Russian of All-Time

Part-GTY-497926884-1-1-0 (courtesy of Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

After tying Sergei Fedorov’s record for most goals for a Russian-born NHL player two Saturday’s ago, the stage was set for Alex Ovechkin to break the record in Detroit. With Fedorov in attendance having just been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame it would’ve been fitting for Ovi to break it with his former teammate in attendance.

Instead he was held off the scoresheet. Two nights later he thought he had broken it, only for it to be challenged by the Flyers and reversed. However it wasn’t the first time his potential record breaking goal was overturned that week.

Finally, yesterday Ovechkin found the net (as seen below) with no offsides to be challenged, no goalie interference to be had, just pure euphoria. With the goal Ovi now stands alone in goals with the likes of Pavel Bure, Alexei Kovalev, Alex Moiglny, and of course Fedorov by the wayside. It took Fedorov 1,248 games to reach 483 goals but only took the “Great 8” 777.

Ovechkin’s scoring pace is out of this world and he just turned 30. While it’s highly unlikely he ever catches Gretzky or Howe, he does have a decent shot to crack 600-700 goals. Only seven players have reached the 700 goal plateau and Washington’s number 8 would be the perfect eight. Ovechkin has a ways to go to surpass Fedorov’s point total of 1,179 but that too will eventually be another broken record by the next greatest Russian of all-time.

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