When Alexander The Gr8 met King James follow-up

courtesy of TSN

You may recall a post about Alexander Ovechkin meeting up with the NBA’s LeBron James after a Washington Wizards game. During the exchange between the two youngest and brightest stars in their respective sports Ovechkin gave James a autographed Caps jersey making the King embarrassed he had nothing in return.

James would promise to send something Ovie’s way and on the day before the Caps open up their second round series against Pittsburgh that something was delivered. Brought in by Caps owner Ted Leonsis (who arranged the original meeting) was an autographed blue No. 23 Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, signed by James. With it came an inscription reading “To Alexander the Great: Keep up the good work. King James.”

When Alexander The gr8 met King James

courtesy of TSN

On Thursday night, after a Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards game LeBron James met Alexander Ovechkin for the first time. The two superstars from their respective leagues shared a brief conversation in which Ovechkin gave James an autographed jersey. James, feeling embarrassed he had nothing in return promised to send something Ovechkin’s way.

Lebron’s intial reaction to meeting AO was fantastic. Stating “Yeah. He’s a bad boy. God….I don’t know how you guys do that [stuff], sliding on ice and still hit the [dang] puck? Whooo.”

The introduction was handled by Capitals owner Ted Leonsis. Nicklas Backstrom was also on hand to meet James and his entourage. Moments before the introduction Ovechkin chatted it up with James’ team mate and Lithuanian born Zydrunas Ilgauskas.