KHL Report from the Motherland

After a somber start, the first 2 weeks of the season have been full of action in the KHL both on and off the ice.  We have seen one team dominate its first four games on both ends of the ice, a player with his name on the Stanley Cup decide to sign on to be the captain of a perennial cellar dweller instead of having another go at the NHL, and a player who faces charges for sexual assault and robbery.

After a disappointing second round playoff exit last season SKA Saint Petersburg’s management decided it was time to alter the formula.  The team got younger, and much to the objection of the supporters Milos Riha was brought on board to coach the team.  Four games into the season the change seems to be for the better. The team is seemingly firing on all cylinders already, especially on defense. 
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Comrade of the Night – Pavel Datsyuk

Datsyuk dances with Corey Perry (AP)

There isn’t much that Pavel Datsyuk can not do. A seasoned veteran and four-time Lady Byng Award recipient, Dats has been a model of consistency for the Detroit Red Wings since the lockout. Our second straight Comrade of the Night from Yekaterinburg, Datsyuk’s skills were on full display in Detroit’s home opener against the Anaheim Ducks.

Five minutes into the 2nd period, he scored a trademarked Datsyuk goal – one that makes your jaw drop in amazement, “How did he just do that?” – to give the Red Wings a 3-0 lead. Detroit’s top unit was seemingly able to skate circles around the statue-esque Duck defenders as partner-in-crime Henrik Zetterberg took the puck at the blue line and passed it rather innocently down to Datsyuk, who was parked several feet to the left of Jonas Hiller. Instead of taking the pass, Datsyuk somehow calculated the exact perfect angle to redirect the puck through Hiller’s 5-hole, leaving everyone at JLA clueless.

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